Create Every Day Wrap-Up

Every day for seven months – 212 consecutive days – I created something and posted the creation to this site. It was a fantastic experience that helped me learn more about my creative process and the personal goals I have for my creativity.

I’m very happy to have chosen this project for myself, and I’m very pleased with most of the ideas I came up with during that time. I am glad, however, to have decided to finish the project. Editing, uploading, and posting my creations (the most difficult part of the project, by far) began to distract from the creative process, and it eventually began to feel like a chore. Finally, I came to the point where I found myself saying, “crap, I still have to post tonight…” and I knew the project was no longer benefiting me. I decided to stop posting creations at that point to see how that would affect my desire to be creative, and I found myself longing to play the guitar, and I wanted to photograph everything I saw. With the strong expectation I had built up for myself to post something each day, I had lost some of what makes creating fun for me – spontaneity, emotional honesty, and a heartfelt desire to experience beauty that had previously never existed.

As an artist who seldom finishes anything, this project helped me to accept things I was producing that weren’t “perfect.” Limiting my time and keeping my perfectionism in check gave me a drive to do as much with as little as possible. With these guidelines helping me understand and work around some of my greatest barriers, my photography skills improved (quite dramatically, I’d say), as did my ability to quickly record musical ideas as they skipped through my mind, and my fear of kitchens faded dramatically. The progress I made during this project was something I couldn’t have predicted. And if there’s one major takeaway, it’s that I will forever be on the pathway of growing my skills and exploring my personal philosophy on creating.


As the sun sets on my Create Every Day project, a beautiful Halloween moon rises full of creative potential.

As the sun sets on my Create Every Day project, a beautiful Halloween moon rises full of creative potential.


Thank you all for the support you’ve given me throughout this project. I hope it was enjoyable watching it all unfold! All of my creations will still be up on this site under the Create Every Day tab, so feel free to peruse through them at your leisure. And keep your eyes and ears peeled – there’s plenty more to come… such as this piece on which I’ve been collaborating with my friend and fellow musician, The Panpsychist!



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