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Create Every Day 2013!

It’s January 1st, 2013, and the culturally expected thing to do is to make some sort of resolution for the new year. I’m not one for drastic diet alterations or promises of major personality changes (I believe behavioral changes are difficult to sustain if they’re not easily measurable and tangible). However, I have decided to use the new year as a concrete starting point to try something that will help me grow creatively and overcome the fears that prevent me from progressing as far as I know I’m capable of.

I love to create and I consider myself a creative person, but I’ve come to the realization that I’m afraid of sharing my thoughts or ideas until they’re in some final, polished form. Since I generally feel inspired to start new ideas and projects before completing previous ones, I never end up sharing anything. Hence the reason I’ve been a “musician” for over a decade, but have only a handful of songs posted anywhere – most of them consisting of work I did with mötæ and Summerstone (where others relied on me to actually finish things).

I want others to hear my ideas, and I want to continue improving as an artist, so I’ve come up with an idea to help me achieve these goals: Each day for the entire year of 2013, I’ll be posting one new creative idea, and I’m fittingly calling this personal project Create Every Day (CED). My aim is for most of these posts to be musical ideas since that’s the creative area in which I want to improve the most. I’ve already accepted that many posts will be extremely raw – some may be nothing more than me singing a melody into a voice recording app on my phone and posting it, or a few lines of lyrics that I felt inspired to write. And that’s exactly what I want – raw ideas posted just as they are.

I also want this project to grow organically, so I’m not going to put any restrictions or limitations on it. By the end of the year it may have morphed into something entirely different, but as long as I’m posting personal creations each day, I will have achieved my goal. Keep your eyes and ears open, and please check back here every once in a while under the Create Every Day link to see what audio experiments I’ve been up to. Also, feel free to comment, criticize, or give kudos for anything I post. I know not all my ideas are going to be awesome, and that’s part of the process of growing.

Here’s to a creative 2013!!!



Here’s the most recent complete song I’ve written through my Create Every Day project. I began this song as just a single guitar riff for one of my Create Every day posts, and after some experimentation I decided to create a full song form it in a style that reminds me of music from my favorite types of modern video games. I was particularly inspired by the Bastion soundtrack (composed by Darren Korb), and I’m really happy with the way it sounds. I decided to name it “The Adventure Begins!” as I think of it as a song that would be played as the overworld theme when your character begins their journey into the heart of the gameplay.


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