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Month 5: May

Create Every Day Projects for May, 2013

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Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #121 (05.01.2013) – Rogue Ales in Chiang Mai!

Tonight was the grand opening of the 2nd floor of an amazing venue in Chiang Mai called Beer Republic. Aside from having a great selection of draft beer from around the world, the newly opened upstairs bar features a wide selection of beer in the bottle, as well as a dedicated kitchen (which was preparing some delicious pizza all night). For those who don’t know me, events featuring premium microbrews and pizza will guarantee my punctuality (few other things do). To make things even better, the featured brewery of the evening was Rogue Brewery from my home state of Oregon! Both Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale and their St. Rogue Red Ale were available in the bottle throughout the evening. I decided to try my hand at some “foodie article” style photography, and took a couple pictures of the Rogue beers. For the first photo, I was aiming for more of an “edgy” picture, and the second is more of a clean presentation. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome as I’m still super n00btastic at photography, but trying to learn.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #122 (05.02.2013) – Baby Elephant and Her Mother

Holy crap. I was ten feet away from a baby elephant and her mother today. I voluteered for a river cleanup project in Mae Wang, Thailand, and I snapped this photo of these two elephants who live at the village where our bamboo raft trip concluded. The baby elephant is only two months old, and she’s three hundred pounds of super cuteness. It was exciting being close enough to get some good shots of the elephants, and I’m particularly pleased with this photo.

Too cute for my brain to handle.

A baby elephant and her mother enjoying some mealtime together.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #123 (05.03.2013) – I Have a Guitar Again!!!

I got a guitar! When I moved overseas this time around I left my acoustic guitar in the states for a variety of reasons. But the urge to play guitar was grinding at my soul, so Ally helped me get one here in Chiang Mai! I’ve been quite attached to it since purchasing it a couple days ago so I decided to record a little idea with it to share how it sounds.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #124 (05.04.2013) – Chase Music – Acoustic

In keeping with writing music for a currently non-existent video game, I worked up a riff that I think would be effective during a sort of chase sequence or section of high intensity. I’ll work this into a whole song eventually, similarly to the way I worked my “Acoustic Idea” into The Adventure Begins! (Create Every Day #60 –


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #125 (05.05.2013) – Saria’s Floaty Verse with Kickin’ Beats

I made some kickin’ beats for the verse portion of the Saria’s Song cover I’m working on. Here they be!


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #126 (05.06.2013) – Chase Music Part II – Acoustic

Having a guitar has been really awesome, and I can’t seem to stop writing stuff on it. I kept messing around with the chase music idea for my non-existent video game soundtrack and added this piece to it. Keepin’ it funky. Keepin’ it dirty.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #127 (05.07.2013) – Jacob, Happy Birthday

Today is my little brother’s birthday, but since I’m on the other side of the world I can’t really hang out with him to celebrate. I still wanted to do something special, though, so for his present I wrote this little tune in one of his favorite styles of music. Happy birthday, bro.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #128 (05.08.2013) – Atmospheric, Floaty Melody

I was messing around with Massive on FL Studio today, and I came up with this atmospheric, floaty sounding synth tone that I really like.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #129 (05.09.2013) – Tree at Wat Umong

Today Ally and I biked out to the beautiful Wat Umong at the edge of Chiang Mai. As we walked around the complex, we noticed many trees that had a single piece of a monk’s robe tied to one of the branches. I was quite fascinated by this, and I took a few photos of a couple of them. I enjoy how the composition came out for this particular photo, although the focus was a bit off so it’s not terribly crisp.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #130 (05.10.2013) – Here Comes the Rooster

Twenty years ago, Alice in Chains released their single, “Rooster.” As soon as I saw this guy, that song popped into my head and I knew the weekend was near. I suggest strolling to your favorite media streaming site and putting on that song while you check out these pictures in preparation for a rocking weekend.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #131 (05.11.2013) – Holy Tires!

I stumbled upon this beautiful tire pile in Chiang Mai, and I couldn’t resist snapping a handful of shots (like 100). This was one of my favorites from the afternoon. Check out some of my other recent photos and musical ideas at


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #132 (05.12.2013) – Bonus Level Jam – Acoustic

Continuing on my video game soundtrack, I wrote a little jam that I think would be great for a bonus room or for when the character gets a special, limited ability. You know, kind of like when Mario gets star power.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #133 (05.13.2013) – Yikes, Pipes!

While biking around the outskirts of Chiang Mai, I rode past a lot in which some construction and building supplies were strewn about. This seemingly abandoned pipe pile intrigued me so I took a bunch of photos of it – this one’s my favorite.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #134 (05.14.2013) – A Wat at Sunrise

My sleep schedule has set itself back to normal (fall asleep around 10-11am and wake up around 5-6pm), so I’ve been up to see the sunrise several days in a row now. As I was out on my morning walk, I went into a nearby Wat complex and took a few photos of the temple as the sun was coming up.

The dragon on the left likes eating lamposts

The dragon on the left likes eating lamposts

A nearby Wat at sunrise

A nearby Wat at sunrise

The dragon on the right sticks his tongue out at the morning

The dragon on the right sticks his tongue out at the morning


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #135 (05.15.2013) – Reorganized Photo Section

I wasn’t very pleased with the previous organization of the Photos section of my blog, so I spent a few hours playing around with some different ideas. I decided to post some of my favorites on the Photos main page, and I also created a few different sub-pages. I’ll be adding more sub-pages as I dig up more photos, but for now I’ve got three sections up, one of which is a bunch of photos of street food I’ve been enjoying here in Thailand. That one’s for you, Mike! 🙂 Check it out at


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #136 (05.16.2013) – Long Exposure Night Shot

A good friend of mine recently shared a photo with me that he took using a long exposure at night which inspired me to try out the technique myself. I forgot my tripod when I went out, so I was just holding the camera up to a signpost for stability, but I think it’s alright for a first attempt. I’ll play around with it more soon and see if I can get some more cool shots this way.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #137 (05.17.2013) – mötæ Image Video for “Mirrors”

Over the winter, I began making image videos for all of the mötæ songs from our full-length album – I was just taking various pieces of mötæ artwork and having the images correspond with the music, then posting the videos on YouTube so anybody could stream the songs anytime. After I finished the first four tracks, I sort of neglected the project for a while, but I decided it was time to pick it back up. I just finished posting “Mirrors” to YouTube, so now the first five tracks from the album are up on YouTube. I’ll start doing these more often until the entire album is up on its own playlist.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #138 (05.18.2013) – Colorful Bridge at Night

Tonight, I was out with some friends at a place called the Bus Bar, which is quite literally a bar on top of a bus with a band performing inside it. It’s next to the river running through Chiang Mai, which has a pretty rad bridge spanning it that lights up at night. I started experimenting with my camera’s aperature and shutter speed to see if I could get some clean, crisp night shots. I’m sure the camera is capable of cleaner, crisper shots than the ones I got, but hopefully through further experimentation I’ll continue getting better photos. Here are a couple that I think are alright.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #139 (05.19.2013) – Chiang Mai Aqueduct

While wandering through some random sois in a residential area in Chiang Mai, I ventured over a small bridge spanning an aqueduct. The view was quite beautiful as the backs of several homes lined the small concrete canal. I snapped a couple photos and found that this one captured the feeling pretty well. If only there was a way to convey the sound and smell of motorbikes that were passing behind me on the narrow bridge.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #140 (05.20.2013) – Approach of the Songthaew

My sleep schedule has shifted to be slightly closer to “normal” – enough so, at least, that I’ve seen some daylight hours the past couple days. As I was out for a walk, I took a few photos of varying vehicles approaching as they rounded this corner not far from our apartment. In this particular shot, a songthaew and motorbike were neck and neck as they came barreling toward me. I like the composition of this photo, and I think it captures the feel of many of the arterials here in Chiang Mai.

The songthaew and the motorbike race to the finish

The songthaew and the motorbike race to the finish


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #141 (05.21.2013) – Alleyway Cupid

Since walking is my primary mode of transportation in Chiang Mai, I notice all the graffiti down the random sois and alleyways. Whenever I have my camera with me, I like to photograph the graffiti I come across. This picture was taken near my abode while I was out for a walk in the humid summer heat.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #142 (05.22.2013) – mötæ Image Video for “Reflections”

It’s been about a week since my most recent image video post for our song, “Mirrors,” so I figured it was time to get another one up. This track, titled “Reflections,” was written in collaboration with Dutch musician Tijmen Riedé, and is based on the musical and lyrical concepts presented in the preceding track “Mirrors.”


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #143 (05.23.2013) – Dreamlike Riff – Acoustic

I’m working on developing a plethora of acoustic riffs that will be the basis of different songs for my non existent video game soundtrack. This is a very dreamlike, floaty riff that I imagine would work well during a dream sequence or during a very somber part of the game after something dramatic has occurred.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #144 (05.24.2013) – Dream Interrupted – Acoustic

In adding to the Dreamlike Riff that I posted yesterday, I created this faster paced piece using the same chords and a bit of slapping. It maintains the somber tone of the original riff while picking up the pace a bit.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #145 (05.25.2013) – Rusty Nails and Barbed Wire

Ally and I were wandering through some small alleyways in the Old City early this morning when we came across a gap between two buildings boarded up with old wood and rusted barbed wire. I took some time finding a cool angle for some photos, and I’m really happy with how this shot turned out.

Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #146 (05.26.2013) – Dream Interrupted part 2- Acoustic

In keeping with the same rhythm and chords of the Dream Interrupted piece I posted a couple days ago, I decided to play with the voicing in aims of making it a bit more intense or emotive. I may layer the two parts or pan them left and right depending on the way the main notes of the melody line up.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #147 (05.27.2013) – Frantic Dreaming Riff – Acoustic

As a part of the larger dream themed idea, I added this portion where I imagine the character may be experiencing a frantic portion of the dream, possibly close to awakening.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #148 (05.28.2013) – Stone Elephant on a Bridge

Here’s another photograph from Chiang Mai. This bridge spans one of the city’s aqueducts just east of the Old City and not far from our apartment. Many of the smaller bridges are ornately decorated with elephants and/or Buddha statues. This particular elephant appears to be having a pretty good time.

This little guy is clearly having a good time.

This little guy is clearly having a good time.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #149 (05.29.2013) – Nostalgia Fading – Acoustic

I’ve been working on getting my guitar chops back up and have consequently been writing a bunch of different ideas as I tinker around. I don’t yet know if this one will end up in my non existent video game soundtrack, but if it does, I think it would be appropriate for a point where the character is experiencing nostalgic memories or sorrowful reflections about their past.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #150 (05.30.2013) – Happy Acoustic Riff

Here’s a happy little acoustic riff I came up with tonight while I was messing around with my recording gear. I’m trying to get really clean and bright tone so I can start recording some pro sounding acoustic stuff.


Skinwalker’s Create Every Day #151 (05.31.2013) – mötæ Image Video for “A Trillium”

I decided to end the month and the work week with another mötæ image video. I’m at a little over half way through the album now, so I’ll aim to keep putting these out on at least a bi-weekly basis. This is the longest song on the album, and quite groovy and rocking if I may say so myself.