Outside the Castle Walls

The lute player played late into the night, and the peasants danced and drank until they were filled with merriment. They knew their master would follow through this time and that everything would be better now. They had hope, and this hope filled their hearts with joy.

As the sun arose the next morning, I peered into the castle from afar. But to the surprise of the people within the walls, nothing had changed. Everything was just as it always had been. An eerie familiarity crept over the people as their elation slowly faded into the morning mist and memories of promises broken.

Even the minority who had wished for a new master were shocked, for they had drifted off to an anxious sleep expecting chaos and death to take them in the night. Yet they, too, awoke to find that the stone walls were still standing, just as they had stood throughout the reign of countless masters prior. The only considerable damage that had occurred was in the spirits and relationships of their fellow peasants.

Good intentions, swept up in masterful theatrics, had been transformed into vicious support for one of two nearly identical brands of continued servanthood. Passion and fervor blinded rationality and threatened friendships with the flick of a strawman or a tu quoquo. And now that the selecting was over, the peasants fell quickly back into the routine of their busy lives, never to think of the atrocities that had been, and would continue to be committed in the name of a lesser evil.

Gazing in, I felt saddened. I wanted others to see the beauty of the world outside the castle walls.
A world where all interactions and exchanges are made peacefully and voluntarily.
A world where good ideas don’t have to be enforced with the edge of a sword.
A world where violence and murder are never justified as a method of achieving peace.
A world where people don’t choose between a greater evil and a lesser evil, but between love, peace, freedom, and evil.

As the days pass and reality once again sets in for these hard-working, good-willed people, I hope those who become disheartened begin to peer outside the castle walls. For once they do, I believe they will see that their economic problems, the continual wars with neighboring kingdoms, and the immoral laws they are forced to obey cannot be fixed by placing a new master on the same throne, but that the system of masters, majorities, and rule by swords itself is what is flawed.

I understand that gazing beyond the walls is frightening. And I know that curiosity about what lies beyond is discouraged, even condemned by the master, his council, the lecturers, the enforcers, and even your family and friends. But I hope that you will look outside and find this other world as I did. I hope that you will join me, for there is a peace, a freedom, and a beauty here that exists only outside the castle walls.