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Sites I Like

Here are some of my favorite blogs and sites with brief descriptions of each one. You should be super rad and check ’em out!


This music blog is great for anyone from music n00b to music nerd. I especially enjoy the Describing Sound series in which the author discusses different elements of sound, such as warmth, brilliance, reverberation, concert hall acoustics, and more.


This is a cool economics blog that takes a unique approach to some interesting topics like the death of Hostess or Chinese policy reforms.


This blog is full of intelligent, critical thought and witty, random writings that never cease to amuse or intrigue me. Seriously, read a few of them – if you don’t at least chuckle or question your entire worldview, I’ll give you a refund.


This blog is a wonderful place for others who identify as “cheap” and like to eat food. The author shares plenty of her experiments as she utilizes leftovers and things lying around most kitchens to create some fantastic recipes.


This is the personal blog of my friend, Casey. She’s a writer and editor who has articles and photographs featured in more magazines and newspapers than I can count, but I personally enjoy her writings on this blog the most.


This is the site of my friend, Will. He’s a designer and a writer with some cool projects under his belt. I particularly enjoy some of his articles, including The Wrong Side of History and Double Spacing After Periods.


This is an awesome blog about peaceful parenting and unschooling with tons of awesome resources for current parents, soon-to-be parents, or those who are just interested in having peaceful relationships in general.


This blog and podcast is full of great stuff about finding personal freedom in a world that despises the concept.


This is another food blog I like, which happens to be the creation of my little brother, Jacob. The recipes are all pretty simple, very flavorful, and hearty. I get hungry for his home cooking every time I check this site.


This blog is a good source of information regarding a Primal or Paleo lifestyle. It has plenty of awesome information about diet and exercise that isn’t coming from the same people that choose what foods receive federal subsidies.