Interview with Brickapella Scat & the Dance Mazers and Live Performance of “Oh, Fly, Starr Wolf” On ITGC 4242fm

Here at ITCG, Intergalactic Radio, we recently had the opportunity to interview the up-and-coming musical group, Brickapella Scat and the Dance Mazers about their current Chasing the Legend tour. We learned more about the story behind their name, their lyrics, and their musical inspirations, and we received a live performance of their song, “Oh, Fly, Starr Wolf”.

A full transcription of the interview is available below, as well as an audio recording of the interview and a live performance of the song, “Oh, Fly, Starr Wolf”. Check your local show listings to see if Brickapella Scat and the Dance Mazers are performing in your region of the galaxy.

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Interview Transcription:

Coming to you live with 42 trillion watts of power – you’re listening to ITGC, Intergalactic Radio, 4242fm.

Marti MacEwan (MM): Welcome back to ITGC Live! This is Marti MacEwan about to bring you a special live performing guest!

Set apart by their spin on Classic Earth musical genres, Brickapella Scat and the Dance Mazers have been selling out shows across the galaxy on their Chasing the Legend tour.

They’re currently touring our part of the galaxy, so we have them in the studio today for an interview and a live musical performance.

MM: Thanks for coming by to visit us at the studio!

Brickapella Scat and the Dance Mazers (BS&DM): It’s our pleasure, Marti.

MM: How has your Chasing the Legend tour been going so far?

BS&DM: The tour has been great; we’ve been playing to great audiences, and we’re seeing some beautiful places in the galaxy along the way that most of us haven’t been to before, so it’s been a wonderful experience.

MM: Well, we’re glad you made it out to our little corner of the galaxy.

BS&DM: We’re glad we made it out here, too.Quote Slime-Balls

MM: I was wondering, where does your band’s name come from?

BS&DM: Good question. Our name and our music are both inspired by a couple different things. First, we all really like Classic Earth music – acapella, being without instrumentation, so just voices – then there’s scat, which is a type of jazz vocal technique. And when electronic music was being first produced on Earth, dance music was a type of music that was really popular, so we kind of mimic all these styles with our music. So that’s part of it.

The other part – the more interesting part, I think – is this story of this guy who was revived after being frozen for over 100 years, and he flies around in his trusty old ship, the Starr Wolf, blasting the heck out of slime-balls all over the universe. The guy’s name is Brick. Brick M. Stonewood – the M is for Metal. It’s a pretty cool story, and we’ve heard that it’s actually real, so he’s a big inspiration. And we like following folk legends; at the time we were forming the band, it [Brick’s story] was a big deal to us, so we stuck with that for the name.

MM: You reference Brick in your song, “Oh, Fly, Starr Wolf,” which we understand you’ll be performing for us live here in the studio, correct?

BS&DM: Yes, we certainly will.

MM: What is it that you say about Brick in the song?

BS&DM: We say, “Brick Metal Stonewood is a superhero as he zooms around inside his wicked Starr Wolf.” And then we end with a great chorus of, “Oh, fly, Starr Wolf.” So, it’s kind of like a tribute to this raw, unconventional guy.

MM: Great. And to call him a superhero, he must really… strike a chord with you.

BS&DM: Good one. Yeah, we like this dude’s story quite a bit. We also came from nothing and we’ve had some hard knocks ourselves – nothing like being frozen for a hundred years – but we can kind of relate. Brick is just this guy who got a raw deal and now he’s making the best of it. So when he’s in his ship zooming around the galaxy, he’s kind of like a superhero to us.

MM: Speaking of his ship, the Starr Wolf, you refer to it as ‘wicked’?

BS&DM: Yeah, that’s another Earth term that basically meant that something was really cool. So in our book, anything as unassuming as the Starr Wolf with that kind of firepower is pretty wicked.

MM: Well, when you put it that way, I guess I’d call it wicked as well. Thanks again for taking the time to answer a few questions.

BS&DM: Yeah, thanks for having us.

MM: We’ll now move on to the performance where we have Brickapella Scat and the Dance Mazers performing “Oh, Fly, Starr Wolf”.

To our listeners: We recommend activating your earphones to more accurately experience the sound of the live performance on our soundstage.

Take it away, fellas!

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