Wicked-Cool Self-Designing Websites from Start-Up: The Grid Apr27


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Wicked-Cool Self-Designing Websites from Start-Up: The Grid

After recently finishing the Chobits​ series and watching Her​ (both of which explore worlds where AI has been achieved to various extents), I found it fitting that I would hear about The Grid, an upcoming “AI” site designer (more like machine learning). It’s supposed to create websites based on one’s preferences and content with little to no work on behalf of the user. For example, whenever you add a new post, video, picture, song, product, etc., it automatically incorporates it into your page in a way that fits the feel, style, and function of your site. And it looks like it’s going to be rather visually pleasing to boot.

The Grid

Developed by The Grid’s own AI.

I’ve been trying to find an easy way to organize and theme my various websites and create a couple new ones for some other projects (some of them specifically music related!) without having to put in tons of time and money to build them (I’ve finally accepted that I’m not a web-designer), so unsurprisingly, I found this discovery very serendipitous.

I’ve enjoyed learning tiny bits and pieces about site development over the years, but I have a tendency to get caught up in the details, and I sometimes find myself trying to make boring, static templates look nicer. So I’m excited to be soon moving my sites (including this one!) to a service that takes care of a lot of the more mundane work for me. And apparently, there will still be a large amount of customization possible for actual web-developers (I think I’m just going to let it do most [all] of the work for me).

According to their site, they’re slated to launch in “late Spring,” and they’re offering what’s basically super discounted and beefed-up pre-orders until then: you get seven websites (7!) for eight dollars a month ($8!), plus a handful of other goodies! (After launch, it’s $25 a month with fewer goodies!) They offer the pre-order as a year subscription for $96, and that locks you in at the $8 a month rate for life. Pretty sweet!

If you’ve ever wanted a seemingly ridiculously easy way to make a really clean looking site (or 7 of them) about stuff you’re interested in, I’d encourage you to check them out soon so you can get in on the super cheap early-bird plan before the price triples! And if you found this info valuable and you decide to go with The Grid, please visit them through the following link as they’ll give me a little credit toward my pre-order (you’ll also get your own link that will do the same): https://thegrid.io/#34368

I hope some of you find this useful or at least interesting and exciting! Watch the video below for more info on The Grid.

TL;DR: The Grid is an upcoming “AI” site designer which will build attractive, functional, custom websites for you with minimal work. If you pre-order soon, you get locked in for life at an insanely low rate of $8 a month… for 7 websites! And if you use my link to go to the site and you pre-order as well, which would be really rad of you, I’ll get some credit back on my order! Link: https://thegrid.io/#34368