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Who Am I?

Hello there! My name’s Skeeter.

I’m a musician, designer, dancer, artist, creator, traveler, voluntarist, and divergent thinker living in Thailand who loves to live and make life amazing. I create, perform, and record music, dance, travel, play four-square and tether-ball, drink beer-snob micro-brews, play vintage video games, attend festivals and conventions of all types, and enjoy spending time with people with whom I have voluntary relationships.

I did the college thing for the better part of a decade and came out with a couple degrees and a lot of great experiences. After nearly falling off the cliff of complacency, I shook up my world and bought a one-way ticket to China in January, 2012, setting out on an adventure to learn more about myself and grow as an individual. I could have never predicted how amazing the experience would be. While I loved living on another continent in one of the biggest cities in the world, I’m happy to be out of the hyper-toxic-pollution-dome, otherwise known as Beijing.

After receiving an offer I couldn’t refuse, I moved to Seattle in the late fall of 2012. I had some amazing experiences there, I met some great people, and I had the chance to focus more on my drive to create, leading to the development of my Create Every Day project. However, the desire to be back in Asia quickly grew unbearable, so a dear friend of mine and I purchased one-way tickets to Thailand. We arrived in Chiang Mai in April, 2013, just in time for the Songkran Festival, and have made it our temporary home.

I enjoy conversations about history, economics, self-knowledge, travel, psychology, philosophy, peaceful parenting, music, languages, photography, technology, fashion, cosplay, design, fonts, food, and video games. I also really love pizza and beer.

My friend, Anna, sketched this of me with felt markers as we sat at an open air restaurant in Bangkok.

My friend, Anna, sketched this of me with felt markers as we sat at an open air restaurant in Bangkok.